To Promote Psychological Knowledge

To promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of Psychology and to promote the efficiency and usefulness of its members by setting up a high standard of professional education and knowledge.

Undertake Research Projects

To undertake research projects and publish independent of and/in co-operations with other official and non-official organizations devoted to national development.

Organize Conference/Seminar

To arrange, provide for, or join in arranging and providing for the holding of conference, regional, national (or international), exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes and discussions on subjects of general and special interests in Psychology, and also for the exhibition of any new, improved, or other apparatus for Psychological Research.

To Give Training/Consultants

To impart training and consultancy for schools, colleges, educational institutions and corporate sector on various areas relating to positive psychology in particular and also to conduct surveys on behalf of various organizations on the issues related to State and National relevance

Publish Academic Research Papers

To prepare, edit, print, publish, issue and circulate gratuitously or otherwise and to sell, lend, issue and distribute gratuitously or otherwise any papers, treatises, books, pamphlets, leaflets or communications made to the academy or documents relating to psychology and any reports of the proceedings and accounts of the academy, and for this purpose to cause translations to be made of any such papers, treatises or communications as shall be in a foreign language and to illustrate any of the publications as the academy may thing expedient in connection with the objects of the academy or any of them.

Provide Support Academic Institutes

To keep a register of members, their qualifications and appointments. Divisions under this academy may be organized to represent major scientific and professional interests that lie within the academy.

About Us

The Indian Psychological Association (IPA) was start up into existence in 1924. The IPA is open to persons having Master’s degree in Psychology of various Universities in India. There is several branches association within the parent organization, each arranging seminars, conferences etc. at the different centers of organization. One state association is affiliated to the IPA and attempts are being made to open a branch in each states of India. At that time the management of the Association is vested on the Executive Committee Members consisting of 15 members who are elected by all the members. The IPA arranges an annual meeting each year at the place and time when the Indian Science Congress Association hold its annual session. Indian Psychological Association is a professional organization founded in 1924 in Bihar, India (British India) that includes Psychologists, Professors, scientists, researchers, Scholars in the discipline of Indian Psychology. The Association is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in Psychology. In addition, the organization seeks to provide leadership in the continued development of Psychology as a discipline and promoting human welfare. The Association (IPA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage elaboration and propagation of research knowledge related to positive dimensions of human functioning. Aiming a prosperous and flourishing life for all, our dedicated members are committed for the growth of social, human, and economic capital of society. Association’s academic and professional contributions to the field of positive psychology span from consultations, assessments, research, seminars, newsletter, journal, training, workshops and annual conference.


The official organ of the Indian Psychological Association started journal publication from 1926. The journal title was Indian Journal of Psychology (IJP). The journal became the only psychological journal published in India till 1950 when some other publications were started owing to the rise in the number of papers. The journal was managed by IPA’s members. Members of IPA, including associates, receive the Indian Journal of Psychology free while non-members including universities, institutes etc. Quite a of popular journal is published in the regional languages of India, describing clinical cases, fundamental aspects and various topics of beliefs and attitude. In 2013, the Indian Psychological Association and RED’SHINE Publication, Pvt. Ltd design new journal. Many changes apply in the journal, like all articles (2013 to till date) assessable free at the website, English Language compulsory, ISSNs for Print and Online versions, Indexing and Impact Factor apply for the journal and many more major and minor changes after the journal called, “The International Journal of Indian Psychology”.

The International Journal of Indian Psychology (ISSN 2348-5396) is official journal of IPA and co-published by REDSHINE Publication, India. The Journal is the psychological, peer-reviewed, academic international journal that examines the intersection of Psychology, Education, and Home science with IJIP. IJIP is an international electronic and printed journal published in quarterly. All peer-reviewed articles must meet rigorous standards and can represent a broad range of substantive topics, theoretical orientations, and empirical methods. The International journal of Indian Psychology (IJIP) a broad-based open access was founded on two key tenets: To free publish the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of our functional Journal. Secondly, to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference purposes.

The International journal of Indian Psychology aims at establishing a publishing house that is open to all. It aims to disseminate knowledge; provide a learned reference in the field; and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policy makers and executives in industry, commerce and investment institutions.

The International Journal of Indian Psychology welcomes submissions that explore of the Psychology, Social sciences, Education, and Home science aspects of human behavior.

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